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Funny dance.

If the purpose of this was for a laugh at the surprise gag, than you succeeded. The character’s dance back and forth across the screen was done very comically. I like the humor, since it's along the lines of a situation one would see in Family Guy. Good shtuff!

~ Chris

Carrots and Rabbits and Chicks are cool.

Man, that's a catchy song! I wish it were V-Day so I could send this to my bitch. "Pass me that cherry or I'll fucking kill you!" is classic!

~ Chris

Awesome visuals!

That was an awesome kaleidoscope of visuals. It was almost hypnotizing with the music, and worked excellently. What software did you use to create this? SWIFT? MAX? Keep it up!

~ Chris

Derc-Tora responds:

old V. of Swift 3D max and 3ds max 4.2

Nice Character Design

The character design of the blue creature was excellent. The intestinal tunnel was done well. I liked the animation as a whole since it was strange, but the actual picture of the kid doesn't work. It would have been more effective if you drew the kid rather than use the photo. Otherwise good, short, gross animation.

~ Chris

Great work!

That was an excellent collaboration guys! The juxtaposition of visual styles worked really well and definitely too the animation in a different direction. Both of you are extremely talented animators, and yet you both have distinct visual styles. This animation is definitely deserving of front page.

How long did this take you guys to draw and animate?

~ Chris

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billyjr82 responds:

hehe, you said juxtaposition. Thanks man, we appreciate it.

Um, we had a whole quarter to do it (11 weeks) but we didn't use all that time. We're animation majors so we get lots of work. I would say, if we worked for about 2 weeks only on this we could have finished it. Actually, made it beter, but 3-D is very time cconsuming. Plus, this class was about audio, not animation, so.... yeah. Large nipples. ---> Ben

Crabs Are Evil.

I was impressed with this animation. I usually don't go for spoofs of video games, but occasionally you come across a gem like this. I'm not a huge fan of Metal Gear, but a friend of mine is, and this was awesome. The voice acting was perfect. Snakes character was spot on! The storyline was extremely comical! I actually laughed out loud. The use of the Oliolioooo guy was classic. When I used to use Roger Wilco for online gaming I used to get meatheads like this interrupting the connection frequently.

Cool shit!

~ Chris

Took me by suprise!

That first grenade took me by surprise! I didn't expect it to explode. The soot effect after the explosion was cool. Good work!

Boojamon responds:


I like SUPRISES!!!!

Original concept, that worked.

I was skeptical of this animation by first reading your description. I have been out of high school for many years, and don't really care to relate. The animation was very cool however. The concept of having the "cool" people as nerds worked very well. With them all looking the same, it made them more menacing which I liked. You used some good camera angled, and I didn't expect the punch at the end. Excellent stuff! 5 out of 5.

~ Chris

Very cool imagery.

This is a nice start as your first flash animation. You have some cool looking effects here, complementing the visuals. I like the way the images flash in and out and then appear. Your end credit sequence was also good and matched the overall animation well. The partial profile of the females face was a good choice. Keep it up. 4 out of 5.

~ Chris

Original Visual style

What a bizarre short animation. I didn't much like the storyline or this, but you do have an original visual style. I like the roughness of your lines and your coloring technique. Your character drawings could you some work. The female character in particular that took the apple had misshapen arms.

Overall good effort, even though it was short. Keep up your visual style!

~ Chris

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